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digging fork - some assembly required

Discussion in 'Tools and Supplies' started by Mr_Yan, Jun 3, 2017.

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    So I've been wanting a digging fork for a couple years now. But not really bad enough to go buy one for $30 to $50.

    Last week I was walking though the community garden and sticking out of the trash can was the top of a D handle which I thought I could use. When I walked over to the can and looked down there was the rest of a digging fork next to the D handle.


    So I thought I would grab both parts and just put a new handle in there and have the tool I want without spending much.


    Last night I managed to get the tang out of the ferrule and off the old wood which was harder than I expected.

    I shaped a new handle and it fit the ferrule very nicely until I tried to drill out for the tang. Well drilling the tang failed so I get to start over on the handle where it sits into the ferrule. At least I didn't cut it to length yet.

    As you can tell there will be more to post as I have time to work on it. This time I plan on drilling a single hole and slowing shape it out with a rat tail file.
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