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Neglected cherry trees...help please :-)

Discussion in 'Tree and Shrubs' started by simontown, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. simontown

    simontown New Member

    Hi guys....new to the forum but wanted some tips on tackling the pruning of two cherry trees which I am ashamed to say have been neglected...they are I believe on dwarf stock....but are probably 20' tall now....I really don't know where to start....any ideas?

    Best wishes Simon [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Mr_Yan

    Mr_Yan Well-Known Member

    Northern IL
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    Welcome simontown.

    I'm just in the learning stage of "orchard" management. We have a peach tree and a second year transplant northstar cherry. So far we've been getting fruit and haven't messed up too much. Anyway from what I have read fruit trees are really more forgiving to bad pruning than a lot of people want to say. Back in highschool I did two seasons working the harvest on a cherry farm outside of Traverse City Michigan but I was only doing grunt work pulling tarps and didn't learn anything about the trees.

    1) do you know if this is a sweet or tart cherry? Sounds like they may have slightly different pruning techniques.

    Take a look at this Michigan State extension office webpage on cherry trees. I think they also have some youtube vids too.

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  3. simontown

    simontown New Member

    Thanks Mr Yan the cherries are the sweet variety... although to be fair the birds are better placed to know than me will check out the video.

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